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What is Open Access?

Open access means that research results are made freely accessible in digital form, which promotes the dissemination of research results both within the scientific community and to the public at large. The reader can read free of charge, use, copy, print, and link the OA publications.  

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Open Access journals and articles

Below there are links to various websites with open access material. Sometimes the links goes directly to search functions in the databases where you can search within multiple journals. Some of the links though takes you to websites providing information about open access journals and you can only search within one journal at a time.

Open Access books

Learn more about free e-books in this Libguide Novia eBooks.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is Google's search engine, which indexes data of scholarly literature online. The search results include, for example, research publications, thesis, conference papers, books, abstracts, articles published by academic publishers, universities, and other organizations.

Some of these scholarly results include free full text. 

You can read more in this Libguide.


When you search in Finna, some open access material are also included. 

In Novia Finna: in addition to the e-resources of Novia, open access publications from selected publishers can be found. If the link below the article contains "open access" or "unpaywall" you can follow the link and read the fulltext of the article/publication.

In the national search service you can make limitations to unrestricted collections.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is Google's free search tool for scholarly resources.

You can easily access the library's e-resources by using Google Scholar's library links. Check out the video to see how!

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