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E-books at Novia: Reading and borrowing eBooks

Read online or borrow

E-books from Elib and Ellibs are borrowed with the library card while e-books from Ebook Central, Ebsco and Kauppakamari are used with Novia login.

  • To borrow, you need your library card (Tritonia/ÅAB/Raseborg) and your personal password.
  • Most e-books can be read in a web browser, they don't need to be downloaded and can be easily read from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.
  • A downloaded book can be read offline, that is when you don't have access to internet. Observe that the book is borrowed and available for a certain period of time.
  • You can store books, add bookmarks and make notes in a virtual bookshelf if you create an Ebook central account.

How to borrow an eBook

  1. Create a free Adobe-ID.
    To borrow an e-book you need an Adobe-ID.
  2. Install Adobe Digitals Editions and authorize your computer before you borrow your first e-book.
  3. The e-book will be available as a pdf or epub file (sometimes you are offered both).
    The advantage of an epub file is that you can alter the font size. Still some prefer pdf files as they often retain the look and layout of a "real" book.
Adobe Digital Editions Windows/Mac
Create an Adobe-ID
If you are using Linux you can use Wine to run Adobe Digital Editions.


Borrowing an eBook on an Android/iOS device

  1. Create a free Adobe-ID.
    Exceptions are the apps of Biblio and Ellibs, which do not require an Adobe ID. 
  2. Install an e-book app that supports DRM, such as Adobe Digital Editions (Android/iOS), advertising financed Aldiko Ebook Reader (Andoid/iOS). The e-book services Biblio and Ellibs have their own apps (Android/iOS).
    Adobe Digital Editions may not work perfectly on all devices, so don't just try that app if it doesn't work satisfactorily.
  3. You can then download the e-book you borrow in either pdf or epub file format (sometimes you get to choose) and read it with the programs/apps mentioned above.
    The advantage of an epub file is that you can change the font size. However some prefer pdf files because they often look like "real" books.

Create an Adobe-ID

Good to know

Some e-books are borrowed with the library card while others are used with Novia login.

It is worthwile to create an account in the English services you use with Novia login.

You can also listen to books. There are audiobooks to listen to directly, and some services offer a reading function.

Take a look at the subject guides available for your area of education, there are tips, links and information for the particular subject.

Novia's LibGuides


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