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E-books at Novia: Finding eBooks


Novia has access to e-books from different suppliers and in different ways according to agreement model.

Books included in Finna

Books from the databases below can be found in Finna (Novia Finna, Vasa, Jakobstad and Raseborg / Alma-Novia, Åbo) where you can search for individual book titles. In the "Narrow search" menu, you can choose Book -> eBook.

  • Ebook Central
  • Ebsco eBook-Collection

Ellibs, the Finnish e-book service, is available through EllibsTritonia for Vasa/Jakobstad where the individual titles are found through a search in Novia Finna, while the e-books in Helle-Ellibs for Raseborg are found through the e-book service's own interface. The service is currently not available in Åbo.

Not all eBooks can be found in Finna

Books from the following e-book packages cannot be found as individual titles in Finna, you have to go into the database to find them.

Freely available eBooks

There are also many freely available e-books, partly manuals, theses and reports from various organizations as well as nonfiction.
  • You can also find some of the free resources in Finna. On the start page, you can choose "Browse databases" and under Material type, you can find different publications and books.
  • or you can go to "Browse e-book services" to find e-books.

In Novia's LibGuides there are also links to e-books, publications and theses.

Good to know

Some of the books can be found in Finna, while others require that you use the databases' own interfaces.

Keep in mind that it is important to use the right Finna to access the material you need.

Novia Finna Vasa, Jakobstad and Raseborg

Alma-Novia, Åbo

There are also many freely available e-books, you can check the supply through Finna, LibGuides or subject portals.

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